Friday, April 27, 2012

MCP April 27 2012

MCP trending lower, watch for the gap fill.

PEP April 27 2012

For your consideration, a nice defensive play.

LGF April 27 2012

LGF interesting as a bounce play.

Ford April 27 2012

Watch the trend line for entries.

RENN April 27 2012

Waiting on this one.

MSO April 27 2012

MSO appears to be breaking out, it's cheap, good entry for bottom fishers.

AMZN April 27 2012

Time to lock in profits on this winner.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UNP April 25 2012

Looks like it is attempting to break out of the Bull Flag.

ODFL April 25 2012

A transport that is flagging on a long-term uptrend, worth a look.

SP500 April 25 2012

Just a quick look at the futures chart. If AAPL gaps up 9% again tomorrow, we could have quite a day. Caution is advised.

Monday, April 23, 2012

DRYS April 23 2012

Still more of the same, it is a waiting game with this stock, when it goes, it goes quickly.

SODA April 23 2012

SODA back down around where it bounced the last time.

TSCO April 23 2012

Nice performer for us, but needs time to re-group.

MCP April 23 2012

MCP may find support at 28, as in the past.

RENN April 23 2012

RENN doing just what we are diagramming it to do.

V April 23 2012

V dipping to support zone, keep stops tight to protect profits.

MA April 23 2012

MA found support so far at the 50 SMA, still trending higher despite the market weakness.

MPEL April 23 2012

Still trending up nicely, will have to wait and see which trend line ultimately holds.

UAL April 23 2012

Moving within the uptrend channel, play accordingly.