Friday, March 30, 2012

NKE March 30 2012

Nice bounce off the 50 day simple moving average, buying the dips usually pays off with NKE.

AIG March 30 2012

AIG rewarding our faith, looking for the breakout.

MPEL March 30 2012

MPEL bouncing nicely off the lower trend line.

DLTR March 30 2012

DLTR still on track, dips have been buying ops.

DRYS March 30 2012

DRYS seeing some action today, broke the latest downtrend.

ZAGG March 30 2012

ZAGG holding the 200 EMA nicely, putting in higher lows always a good sign.

AMZN March 30 2012

AMZN starting to create a Bull Flag, needs a little time before the next run higher.

SODA March 30 2012

This is definitely tradeable intraday, but the chart remains in a downtrend.

PCX March 30 2012

It is still trending lower, but 6 is the key support.

LGF March 30 2012

LGF consolidating, working our triangle.

RENN March 30 2012

Sell the rips and buy the dips if you want to trade this classic trading stock.

LULU March 30 2012

Uptrend channel intact, watch for a volume surge for a test of the recent high.

NUE March 30 2012

NUE working a Bull Flag, has decent support, looks promising.

LIZ March 30 2012

LIZ in a Bull Flag just below the new high, good odds on this one.

PPC March 30 2012

PPC has had a good run, buying stocks near their highs often leads to new highs.  That's how AAPL got to be $600.  Of course, I'm not saying that this is AAPL, but you get the idea.

VRS March 30 2012

Looks like the downtrend is over and it's trying to break out.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

BIOS March 30 2012

Trending higher off a solid base, good potential.

AGRO March 30 2012

Nice support right under a Bull Flag, in good shape for another break higher.

MCP March 29 2012

MCP broke out big time, time to decide whether to take your profits.  Moving stops up closer is a good idea.

DRYS March 29 2012

DRYS staying in its Bull Flag, watch for a volume surge as a clue it is taking off.

CRUS March 29 2012

CRUS uptrend remains intact, offering entry today for those interested.

PAY March 29 2012

PAY acting well on a down day.

YNDX March 29 2012

YNDX holding steady in its uptrend channel, nice action on a weak day.

BORN March 29 2012

BORN continuing to reward the daredevils who bought that falling knife recently.

ZAGG March 29 2012

ZAGG working very well, buy at the trend line and you do well.

GILD March 29 2012

AIG March 29 2012

AIG still looks OK, watching the cup and handle pattern play out.

MPEL March 29 2012

MPEL pulled back to the secondary trend line, needs to hold there or it's in trouble.

LGF March 29 2012

Updated chart, holding the triangle well.

AMZN March 29 2012

AMZN showing nice resiliency on a down day. Still working the trend line. May be forming a Bull Flag.

RHT March 29 2012

Well, we got our breakout LOL.  Time to lock in the gains, don't let them slip away.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UAL March 28 2012

UAL broke out, as we hoped, from the Bullish cup pattern.

PCX March 28 2012

PCX back down near major support, maybe time to think about re-entry.

PEP March 28 2012

PEP offering entry for those looking for a defensive play.

LGF March 28 2012

Watching new triangle, support is there, let's see how it holds.

LULU March 28 2012

LULU is pulling back to the trend line, where it has been a buy.  Sure, it can go lower, that's what stops are for.

PFE March 28 2012

PFE re-testing its breakout, nicely remaining within the trend.

VHC March 28 2012

VHC back at the trend line, has been a buy there.

PAY March 28 2012

PAY re-testing the breakout, but with uptrend firmly in place, looks fine.

ZAGG March 28 2012

ZAGG working the triangle exactly as diagrammed.

RENN March 28 2012

Had to be quick on the trigger yesterday to grab the fleeting trading opportunity.  This stock is like that.  Now, if in it, have to wait for the triangle to resolve.

MU March 28 2012

MU back to working the triangle properly, still like it to 10.

FRO March 28 2012

We got our breakout higher, now we see if this gets confirmed or it turns into a larger Bull Flag.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MU March 27 2012

MU still in the uptrend zone, needs to get going.

TSCO March 27 2012

TSCO nice confirmation of breakout.

ISRG March 27 2012

ISRG fulfilling all our expectations, strong as an ox, but as it is now at the top of the channel, might want to protect profits.

AIG March 27 2012

AIG justifying our confidence, completing the Bullish cup pattern.

LGF March 27 2012

LGF looks like it is going to flag out, now that the news is out.

LVS March 27 2012

LVS a champ, solid performer for us, watch for confirmation of the breakout.

CSCO March 27 2012

We got our breakout, protect those profits.