Thursday, April 5, 2012

BIOS April 5 2012

BIOS uptrend remains in place, still looks solid.

BORN April 5 2012

If you caught the spike up, congrats, now it's settling back in to play the triangle again.

A April 5 2012

Agilent continuing to coil, waiting for a breakout.

PAY April 5 2012

PAY continuing to work its channel higher.

F April 5 2012

Ford continuing its channel action, it can do this for a long time.

TSCO April 5 2012

TSCO hanging tough at the top of its channel.

DLTR April 5 2012

DLTR in a Bull Flag, still very strong.

MA April 5 2012

MA playing its uptrend channel perfectly.

V April 5 2012

Nice bounce off the channel bottom, still in its steady uptrend.

NKE April 5 2012

NKE holding the trend line well, back in business after the dip.

RENN April 5 2012

RENN holding that trend line perfectly.

BTU April 5 2012

BTU still stuck in its downtrend, but continuing to watch.

SODA April 5 2012

SODA needs volume, but it may be getting ready to break that downtrend.

LGF April 5 2012

LGF holding 13 support like a champ, if that continues, look for the bounce.

LULU April 5 2012

Still looking strong and working the channel, expecting new highs.

AIG April 5 2012

AIG broke out, move stops up and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MCP April 4 2012

MCP in a normal consolidation Bull Flag pattern, still needs to define itself.

WM April 4 2012

This has a mature wedge with nice support from the moving averages underneath.

DRYS April 4 2012

DRYS still working the triangle.

LUV April 4 2012

LUV a good bottom fisher play, working its way back off the bottom.

LVS April 4 2012

LVS forming a Bull Pennant, watch the support levels for signs of trouble.

PFE April 4 2012

Updated chart, has been a buy at the trend line, which it is approaching.

F April 4 2012

F failed at the top of the channel as usual, watch the bottom for support and a buying op.

LIZ April 4 2012

LIZ has been a star for us, forming another Bull Flag.

RENN April 4 2012

So far, RENN is holding its uptrend line, where it has been a buy.

LGF April 4 2012

Support holding nicely at 13 so far.

INTC April 4 2012

INTC may be forming a Bull Flag, need to keep an eye on it and stops in place.

MPEL April 4 2012

MPEL forming a Bull Flag, buy the dips has worked with this stock.

AIG April 4 2012

AIG showing nice strength today in a down market.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ISRG April 3 2012

Updated chart, correcting sideways in a Bull Flag.

V April 3 2012

V in a nice uptrend channel, playing the trend usually works.

TSLA April 3 2012

TSLA in a flag, on breakout watch.

MA April 3 2012

Updating our chart, this continues to rocket higher with minimal tinkering needed. Still looks good to go.

DLTR April 3 2012

DLTR uptrend is just accelerating, if anything, new high today nothing new. Appears on track to 100+.

VHC April 3 2012

VHC is bouncing nicely off the moving averages, but could be range-bound for a while.

SODA April 3 2012

SODA still trending lower.

ZAGG April 3 2012

ZAGG at the top of our triangle. That heretofore has been resistance. On breakout watch.

RENN April 3 2012

RENN dropping back toward the longer-term uptrend line.

F April 3 2012

I haven't been following this too much, but the pattern is just too much fun. Do we get yet another failure at the top of the coil? Or does it break out? Only the Shadow knows.

MPEL April 3 2012

MPEL continuing its bounce, challenging the old high.

LULU April 3 2012

LULU continues to work the uptrend channel higher, higher lows is what it is all about.

GLW April 3 2012

GLW in a descending triangle, which is considered Bearish, but not always.

LGF April 3 2012

LGF at a critical juncture here, the 13 region could give a bounce.

AIG April 3 2012

AIG making the breakout attempt.

Monday, April 2, 2012

DRYS April 3 2012

DRYS forming a large Bull Pennant, watching for another breakout attempt.

UPL April 2 2012

To be truthful, I've been searching for a quality natural gas play. This may be it. I don't like UNG, the ETF, because it seems to have a downward bias, which just may be my mistaken impression, but I still don't like it. Anyway, I'll be following this one, let's see how the triangle does.

Agilent April 2 2012

Agilent grinding along its uptrend, still looks good.

PAY April 2 2012

PAY confirming the breakout from the Bull Pennant today, nice upward action within the channel.

UAL April 2 2012

UAL making a normal test of the breakout, trend line is not far below, nice bottoming tail so far today.

PCX April 2 2012

PCX continuing to find support at 6 and working our triangle nicely.