Friday, March 16, 2012

AMZN March 16 2012

AMZN has not done much during this rally, but it has been edging higher, looks like it is working off solid support, and is coiling for a breakout.  Worth a look.

INTC March 16 2012

INTC broke out of the Bull Flag, has gone parabolic, best to move stops up or cash out here.

SBUX March 16 2012

SBUX hitting all-time highs today, which is great.  Just be careful, it is at the top of its uptrend channel.

AFFY March 16 2012

Still on the uptrend, just needs a little time.

TSLA March 16 2012

TSLA consolidating in the Bull Pennant, looking good for another breakout attempt.

GEO March 16 2012

We got our breakout! Move stops up.

SIMG March 16 2012

This one worked out extremely well, completing the formation all at once.

JRCC March 16 2012

Still need confirmation of the breakout, but it is close. Move stop up.

NCT March 16 2012

Move stops up and lock in those big profits!

ANW March 16 2012

This one spurting higher, watch for a break above the previous high.

BTU March 16 2012

BTU breaking out as we hoped, lots of ground to make up.

VFC March 16 2012

VFC closing in on releasing from the Bull Flag.

DRYS March 16 2012

DRYS and the entire sector surging, watch for lots of media coverage, that would be time to think of selling.

PCX March 16 2012

This one took a little patience, but it is finally paying off.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

MPEL March 15 2012

Be smart and move your stops up to lock in the profits.

LULU March 15 2012

Just following up with this one, it is one of our big successes, congrats to those who bought in.

ALU March 15 2012

Like many others, I owned LU back in the day and got burned.  But ALU has a nice formation going after falling to the absolute depths.  A good play for bottom fishers.  One of our followers brought this to my attention, thanks!  That's how we do it, we can all help each other profit together.

GLW March 15 2012

GLW confirming its breakout, looks good to the upper 14s as a starter.

CVX March 15 2012

CVX consolidating a bit after the new high, offering entry.

URI March 15 2012

Another new idea, looks very Bullish here.

HEES March 15 2012

HEES looking to resolve its latest Bull Flag soon.

BTU March 15 2012

Showing some strength today, a play for bottom fishers.

LVS March 15 2012

I like this type of cup pattern after a big surge, usually turns out well.

RAX March 15 2012

RAX resolved its Bull Flag the right way, looking at some resistance at 57.

DRYS March 15 2012

Watching this one closely for a break of the downtrend triangle.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

JRCC March 14 2012

This is one of my plays for bottom fishers, actually working out OK so far.

RHT March 14 2012

RHT edging down to the uptrend line, maybe a buy soon.

DRYS March 14 2012

DRYS approaching support at $3

GLW March 14 2012

Watching this one closely, confirming the breakout so far today.

ANW March 14 2012

ANW pattern similar to AIG's, looks like it may be forming a Bullish cup.

AIG March 14 2012

AIG forming a nice cup, maybe worth getting in and seeing if it completes.

TSO March 14 2012

TSO several Bullish formations make this look interesting. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PHM March 13 2012

Sticking with PHM, the breakout continues and is confirmed.

NCT March 13 2012

NCT moving up smartly to the next level, next stop 6.50 hopefully.

PNRA March 13 2012

PNRA right on track, stopped at resistance level today, looking for breakout to continue.

UNG March 13 2012

Watching UNG closely, today's 3% move up might mean a trend change, or just another bear flag. On my watchlist.

SIMG March 13 2012

SIMG a good, cheap speculative play, setting up nicely. JSGV5Q95PYXV

CVX March 13 2012

CVX building a platform to launch to a new high. It had some news today about production, that may be helping it.

GLW March 13 2012

GLW breaking out of its coil.

LULU March 13 2012

LULU up again, can't argue with all-time highs.

RAX March 13 2012

Another bull flag play, watching for breakout.

MU March 13 2012

MU resuming uptrend, looking to challenge highs soon.

MPEL March 13 2012

Acting right, breaking out, looking to challenge old highs now.

GG March 13 2012

GG bouncing off the trendline, looks good to go. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

GEO March 12 2012

This hasn't participated in the big bull rally, may be appetizing for that reason alone.  Nice down channel to work off.

BORN March 12 2012

Very risky play, for knife catchers, but the bottom may be in.

YOKU March 13 2012

Congratulations to anyone holding this, up 27% on news!  Plays like this are what it's all about.  Time to book profits.

MPEL March 12 2012

Working well for us, congrats if you have been patient with it.

ALXN March 12 2012

ALXN looking to break out to new highs on good volume today.

KORS March 12 2012

KORS offering entry on this pullback.