Thursday, April 19, 2012

UAL April 19 2012

UAL a big winner for those who recognized the uptrend early. Now we watch the channel.

ZAGG April 19 2012

ZAGG continues to coil as it appears afraid to leave our triangle!

MCP April 19 2012

MCP forming a flag/pennant, watch the support level.

ANR April 19 2012

ANR working its trend line perfectly.

RENN April 19 2012

RENN forming a flag/pennant, watch the 200 SMA as support.

MPEL April 19 2012

MPEL has formed a channel, in any event it continues to perform well for us.

MA April 19 2012

Still playing the channel, when I don't have to change anything on a chart from week to week, it's a good sign the analysis is correct.

V April 19 2012

BTU April 19 2012

Coal group enjoying a nice day, lots of breakouts in the sector.

PCX April 19 2012

PCX joining the coal group in having a great day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012