Friday, March 23, 2012

ZAGG March 23 2012

ZAGG working out beautifully, working the triangle.

FRO March 23 2012

FRO is consolidating after the big breakout, it has good support and is building a Bullish pennant/flag.  This was brought to my attention by one of our followers, I appreciate good suggestions like that, many thanks.

DRYS March 23 2012

DRYS acting well today, positioning itself in the middle of the Bull Flag.

CSCO March 23 2012

CSCO working the trend well, looking for another breakout higher. 

SODA March 23 2012

SODA still watching this one, needs to hold recent lows.  Not acting particularly well, but it does have periodic surges.

MPEL March 23 2012

MPEL re-testing its breakout, buying op, keep stops in place.

AMZN March 23 2012

AMZN breaking out, watch for the resistance level ahead.

VHC March 23 2012

VHC is working the triangle, watch the support and resistance levels.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LULU March 22 2012

LULU reacting well to earnings news, nice play for those who stuck with it!

DRYS March 22 2012

DRYS is down with the market, but still in its Bull Flag and acting normally.

PAY March 22 2012

PAY right in the middle of its uptrend channel.

RENN March 22 2012

RENN holding up well today, a good omen for when the market recovers.

ISRG March 22 2012

ISRG a clear leader in a well-defined uptrend channel.

ALU March 22 2012

ALU back on sale at the lower end of Bull Pennant.

BTU March 22 2012

BTU back on sale.

KORS March 22 2012

KORS showing nice strength on today's down market day.

LVS March 22 2012

Nice strength today despite the market sell-off.

VHC March 22 2012

VHC showing nice strength on a down day.

ORLY March 22 2012

ORLY shrugging off today's weakness, just needs to clear a little resistance and it's a go.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BORN March 21 2012

Just updating this, it remains in our decision zone, so it is still in play. It might retest the 2.63 low as well.

SODA March 21 2012

Keep an eye on this one, it is coiling and ready to move.

YNDX March 21 2012

A nice uptrend channel to play, working its way off a solid foundation.

ULTA March 21 2012

ULTA nicely defined uptrend channel.

WYN March 21 2012

WYN still looks good, channel remains in play.

RAX March 21 2012

RAX still moving our way, watching to see where it flags or fails.

GLW March 21 2012

GLW hit resistance as expected, don't let your profits evaporate.

ZAGG March 21 2012

ZAGG bounced right off the trend line, let's see if it can break the 200 EMA.

ALXN March 21 2012

ALXN hit new highs already, watch the channel if you want to trade this stock.

HEES March 21 2012

HEES chart still good, dips are buy opportunities.

YOKU March 21 2012

YOKU trend line held again like a champ, looks solid going forward.

LULU March 21 2012

LULU reports earnings on Thursday, while we always expect good things, maybe time to take some profits.

LGF March 21 2012

LGF being up on a down day is a good thing, time to lock in a profit by moving up stops.

DRYS March 21 2012

DRYS looks like it is resuming its Bull Flag, no momentum right now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ZAGG March 20 2012

ZAGG looks like a buy on the trendline.

GIS March 20 2012

Nice uptrend bounce off solid support, chart looks very interesting.

RENN March 20 2012

RENN acting well for a move higher.

MCP March 20 2012

Waiting for the Bull Pennant to resolve, could be soon.

AMZN March 20 2012

AMZN worth a look here. It has good chances of holding up well in a down market, if that's something you are worried about.

ALU March 20 2012

ALU offering entry if interested.

UAL March 20 2012

Worth a look, a pure chart play.

ALXN March 20 2012

Nice breakout in progress.

LGF March 20 2012

Nice clean breakout higher on the rumor about box office expectations, looks like a winner.

AFFY March 19 2012

AFFY looking good with the breakout in progress.

Monday, March 19, 2012

RAX March 19 2012

RAX moving up nicely out of the Bull Flag, keep the stops tight and let it ride.

RENN March 19 2012

RENN starting to look tasty again....

HP March 19 2012

 HP still coiling, waiting for volume to enter.  So far, support has held.

PCX March 19 2012

We got our move to the 50% retracement level, time to tighten stops.

DRYS March 19 2012

DRYS breaking out just like the last time, looks set to challenge old highs and move toward $4

GLW March 19 2012

Still within uptrend, might want to tighten stops a bit.

JRCC March 19 2012

Running into resistance, watch the 6.20 level carefully.