Here are some handy links to tools I find useful.  From time to time, we obsess over things such as Italian bond yields or bank depositary spreads and things like that.  Those links may come and go as their usefulness ebbs and flows, but the vast majority of these links will remain here permanently.  I don't believe in a million sources of information, find good ones and stick with them.

Aside from using these (I am "TheSlayer" at Stocktwits), I have no affiliation with any of the below.

Finviz - its Screener is one of the best.  Also try Yahoo's screener and Google's.

Twitter  - if you are going to trade, use Twitter.  And follow me: @The__Slayer.

Stocktwits - probably the best free chat on the Internet for stock traders, in Twitter form.

Yahoo Finance - no better place to do preliminary due diligence for your trades.

Stockcharts - despite having an elaborate chart package, I still use stockcharts from time to time

The Pattern Site  - another charting site, mainly good for candlestick studies.

St. Louis Fed - best place to do research and plotting of government economic data.  Priceless.

Bloomberg - good news site.  Also try Reuters and Marketwatch.

Insider Transactions - not everybody thinks these are important, but Barron's has a good page. - lots here, this link take you to the pre-market quotes page

Candlestick Trading Forum - Don't use the service, but has a good summary of Candlestick patterns

Major World Indices - Yahoo has a good page to see how European, Asian etc. markets are doing

CME Group Holiday Schedule - Find out when the markets will be trading

Tel Aviv Stock Market - This gives you something to think about during Sunday afternoons.

Euro Crisis Tracker - this page has come in handy occasionally, a Wall Street Journal summary.

Zerohedge  - follow on Twitter @Zerohedge.  Provides unique information - as long as it's negative.

Baltic Dry Index - This is useful in gauging overall economic health in Europe.

Slope of Hope  - Possibly the most openly Bearish site, aside from Zerohedge, good traders there. - Gives you changes in short interest in equities.  More fun than useful.

The following I don't really use, but you might find them useful:

CNN Money


This is Money (UK)

The Street (Cramer's website)

Smart Money

Seeking Alpha


Investor Words

My Money

The Motley Fool

Raging Bull - these message boards used to be big, now not so much