Saturday, February 25, 2012

Risk Disclosure and Comments on Positions

I post a lot of charts.  Yes, I have positions in these stocks from time to time.  But I post a lot of charts in which I do not, have not, and will not have any positions.  I like to chart, it helps me understand the value and limitations of charting.  And, I could buy or sell any of these stocks that I post at any time.  Please don't interpret this as either I am touting my own book or don't really have confidence in any particular play, because I like to focus my attention and hate to switch unless I am convinced the position is played out.

At the moment, just FYI, I am long DRYS and am trading the S&P Futures (I go long and short at random).  I have not traded MU, COP, SODA or any of those other stocks in some time - though, looking at some of them, I wish I had.  :)

Please note the time and date of this post and understand that my positions could be different when you view this. 

Also, kindly note that nothing in this site is intended to constitute trading advice of any kind, it is provided solely for entertainment and educational purposes.  No inducements to buy or sell anything are intended.  There are inherent risks to trading any security.  Please consult with your brokerage firm for a fuller understanding of those risks.  Everybody engaging in the securities market in any way should perform their own due diligence at all times and not enter any positions without first consulting with their licensed securities consultant or adviser.


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