Friday, April 19, 2013

LGF April 19 2013

Odds are You've Watched Lions Gate Films

Lions Gate
LGF March 21 2012

I want to return to a stock we were looking at exactly a year ago, Lions Gate Entertainment. We liked it then, and we like it now.

Above is my chart of LGF from last year - March 21, 2012. it was around 13, and looking good.

Below is the current chart. It is at 23, and still looking good.

Lions Gate April 19 2013
LGF April 19 2013

Lions Gate is a billion-dollar company. It owns the rights to the "Twilight" films (through Summit) and "The Hunger Games" franchise. It will fluctuate, as do all companies in the entertainment field, based on the success of its films.

We look for a break from the Bull Flag. There is a nice place for a stop, and no overhead resistance. Look for this on dips, and it might make you very happy.

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